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Moulinex Quickchef 3in1 DD655810




Thanks to the included chopper you can also chop up ingredients with the Moulinex Quickchef 3in1 DD655810. For example, make peanut butter yourself or chop an outing into small pieces. Use the balloon earth to beat egg whites or light batter, such as whipped cream or pancake mix. The stainless steel hand mixer foot is very sturdy and therefore lasts a long time. In addition, it does not take on any fragrances, colors or flavors. This way you mix a tomato soup without the hand blender foot remaining red. The 10 positions ensure that you set the speed accurately, so that you have the right power for preparation. In the measuring cup supplied, you can easily measure liquids and puree small quantities. Consider, for example, making mayonnaise or aioli.


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